Divorce in Texas

Family Matters.  And your family definitely matters when you are considering a divorce.

A divorce can be one of the most difficult events to happen to a person during their life.  Divorces in Texas are required to meet certain eligibility requirements before they can be finalized.  Our attorneys can help you navigate this challenging life event with the right kind of support and experience.

The family law team at The Barrows Firm, P.C. recognizes that the divorce process is wrought with stress.  We work on your behalf to help protect the relationship with your children.  We guide our clients through the difficult process and many associated family law matters.

We are aware of the emotional impact that family and divorce issues have on each and every client we represent.  We approach each dispute with the sensitivity or aggressiveness that it requires.  We are committed to supporting you in all legal matters, whether you are filing for divorce, filing for child custody, in need of mediation, or require child support collection assistance. We are committed to ensuring a quick and timely solution for you and your family in any legal matter.

For more information about divorce, contact Attorney Leslie Barrows from our contact form or by calling 817-481-1583.

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