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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not easy, but it’s important. The experienced attorneys at The Barrows Firm can help you navigate through this delicate process, which could include naming a guardian or power of attorney or devising a plan to preserve assets or distribute property. You can trust that your estate planning matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity and discretion.

Why do people wait to go out of town on an overseas vacation before they update their wills and estate-planning documents? Many of the unexpected events that cause our temporary incapacity or death can occur within a few miles from home. Today is a good day to sit down with your spouse and family and start a discussion about what happens with your property, assets, liabilities and children if something happens to you. Preparing Texas wills and estate-planning documents when you are healthy and life is going well can give you and your loved ones piece of mind and security.

Healthcare situations and emergencies arise when we least expect them. Do you have a healthcare power of attorney document signed, authorizing another person you trust to make decisions about your medical care? Some of us want to go gracefully if it might be our time, while others want to take advantage of life-prolonging medical technology and equipment. Meanwhile, a durable power of attorney document can identify someone you trust to pay bills and make financial transactions on your behalf if you are unable.