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Adoptions are a beautiful thing, for children and for the ‘forever’ family parents. The legal process, however, can be complicated, confusing and nerve-wracking.

The knowledgeable lawyers at The Barrows Firm can guide you through this experience and help clear any legal hurdles that arise. We will work tirelessly to help bring you and your adoptive child together, forever.

At the Barrows Firm, one of our favorite days of the year is National Adoption Day. On this day, we actually shut down the office for the morning and the entire staff goes to the courthouse and assists in bringing adoptive parents and foster children into permanent homes.  Adoptions Attorney Leslie Barrows has been involved with the Tarrant County National Adoption Day program for years and has even been an event chair.

I really feel like National Adoption Day is one of those rare occasions when we, as lawyers, can go down to the family law courthouse and provide the most wonderful service to these families.  Bringing adoptive parents and foster children together and into permanent homes is awesome.  All of the members of my firm participate in this special event. We actually shut down the office for the morning on National Adoption Day.

National Adoption Day is held each year, in November, in collaboration with the Family Law Courts of Tarrant County.  The committee solicits attorneys to volunteer to take and process one adoption.  In return, a training seminar is held, giving CLE credits and needed credits to practice before a juvenile court.   Many families are made whole during this annual event supported by local family law judges and their court staff.  The courtrooms are decorated with balloons and stuffed animals to signify the joy of the occasion.

We recognize that adoption is special – for the parent and the child – and we feel privileged to help create lifelong connections and forever homes.