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You May be Eligible for a Child Support Modification

Aug 19, 2019
Texas Child Support Guideline Increase and Child Support Modification You may qualify for a child support modification. The Texas child support guideline cap increases on September 1, 2019. The Texas...

Divorcing with Children 105: How to Prepare for Court

Jul 31, 2019
Tips on How to Prepare for Court when Divorcing with Children Learn how the divorce process works and always prepare for court. When divorcing with children, knowing what to expect...

Social Media in Divorces and Modifications: Dos and Don’ts

Jul 23, 2019
How Social Media is Used in Divorces and Modifications In Texas divorces and modifications, social media comes up frequently. As your family lawyer is working to negotiate and litigate the...

Leslie Barrows Featured in Society Life

Jul 17, 2019
Congratulations to Attorney Leslie for being featured in the July 2019 edition of Society Life Magazine.  Read the great article here!

Why Starting a Divorce in June is Popular in Texas

Jun 7, 2019
Being Organized, Minimizing Disruption, Starting a Divorce in June Considering divorce? You are not alone. Marriage and divorce statistics show that every year there are tens of thousands of divorce...

Grandparent Custody in Texas: Conservatorship, Guardianship, and Estate Planning

May 23, 2019
Because Grandparents Are Important to Children’s Lives, Grandparent Custody in Texas is a Frequently Discussed Topic When children look at their parents, they appreciate that even mom and dad had...

Summer Possession: Making Plans and Giving Notice

Apr 17, 2019
April Deadlines for Summer Possession In Texas, visitation with children is referred to as the time of possession and access with the child. Do you have a court-ordered parenting plan...

Court-Ordered Alcohol Testing: Soberlink and EtG Testing

Mar 29, 2019
Court-Ordered Alcohol Testing Includes Soberlink and the EtG Test Are you concerned about your spouse’s alcohol intake while they are with the children? Although everyone works hard at being a...

Divorcing with Children 104: Using Our Family Wizard

Mar 3, 2019
Families Should be Using Our Family Wizard Software and Apps The magic of Our Family Wizard (OFW) is not magic at all, rather it is smart scheduling software designed to...

Preparing Yourself to File for Divorce

Feb 18, 2019
Protect Yourself, Assets and Parental Rights while Preparing Yourself to File for Divorce People call a divorce lawyer when they believe they are ready to file for divorce. There are...