Settling a challenging divorce case

Settling a challenging divorce case

Settling a challenging divorce case

The Barrows Firm monthly review podcast is all about Texas divorce and family law. This month Leslie Barrows addresses some of the common challenges in settling high conflict divorce and family law cases.

A divorce can be emotional and stressful to the parties with complex issues and conflict. While some people want their divorce to be over quickly, others may try to punish the other by delaying settlement and over litigating contested issues instead of agreeing to reasonable settlement terms.


The challenge to settle a divorce in a variety of situations

  • Settling high conflict custody issues
    • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
    • Being ready for trial to increase leverage
  • Business interests and complex financial matters
    • Complex financial and high-net divorce challenges
    • The value of hiring and relying upon expert analysis
  • A zealous opposing counsel wants to litigate everything
    • Incentives to mediate and settle issues out of court
    • Keeping a divorce case on track on a reasonable timeframe
  • Settling a case when the other party is not represented by an attorney
    • Opposing party continues filing motions and pleadings
    • Making sure the settlement agreement is properly drafted

Listening to this podcast will help in gaining perspective into the challenging divorce cases that can usually be settled in mediation and out of court instead of through litigation and trial. When you make your own decisions, you might prefer the outcome, to that of a judge or jury. With years of experience working on tough cases and dealing with difficult opponents and their attorneys, Leslie Barrows is skilled at spotting the difficult challenges and protecting her client from being abused by the divorce process.

Podcast highlights about the discovery process in divorce:

A few of the subtopics that came up in conversation include how Leslie Barrows can get a sense of which divorces are more likely to be settled in mediation, and how the typical 9 to 5 full day of mediation works. The mediator usually visits with the parties in different rooms and goes back and forth with the attorneys and the parties to help determine what issues can be resolved easily and which matters may require additional attention or experts to get involved. We talked about petitions for interim attorney’s fees when one of the parties does not have the available resources to hire experts when necessary. Awards of interim fees are paid by the spouse with access to community assets to pay the fees.

The Barrows Firm in Southlake is known for excellent client service and responding to calls and questions about the divorce process. Call Leslie Barrows at The Barrows Firm by dialing (817) 481-1583 to make an appointment for a consultation about any of the matters affecting your family.


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