Podcast: November is Adoption Month

By: Leslie Barrows November 14, 2017 no comments

Podcast: November is Adoption Month


This is The Barrows Firm Law Review, a monthly Internet radio show podcast featuring information about Texas law and events that affect families and the community of attorneys and professionals who serve them.

Podcast: November is Adoption Month

Adopting children from foster care

  • How do children enter the foster care system?
  • After how long can foster parents adopt?
  • Preparing the whole family for a permanent adoption

Parenting after adoption

  • Children understanding adoption at different development stages
  • The impact of trauma on adopted child development
  • Reassuring adopted children are safe with new family

School and adoption

  • First experiences with people outside close family and friends
  • When drawing a family tree can be a proud opportunity
  • Teachers understanding adopted children and their adjustment

How to become a foster parent in Texas and adopt your foster child

  • What is required to qualify to be a foster parent who wants to adopt?
  • Working with a Texas adoption agency like the Gladney Center in Fort Worth
  • Working with your Department of Family and Protective Services caseworker

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