Category: Children In The Legal System

Divorcing with Children 103: 50/50 Equal Access Possession Schedules

Jan 25, 2019
50/50 Equal Access Possession Schedules as Alternatives to the Standard Possession Orders Divorcing with children in Texas requires decisions about which parent will have which rights and duties and where...

Common Divorce and Child Custody Issues

Sep 20, 2018
This is The Barrows Firm Monthly Southlake Divorce and Family Law Podcast for September 2018 As kids go back to school, parents get back to business and focus on some...

What may happen when a minor child is involved in the juvenile justice system in Texas

Aug 9, 2017
When minor children in Texas aged 10 to 17 are charged with criminal offenses they are prosecuted in the juvenile justice system. In 2011, the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD)...