April 2018 is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

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April 2018 is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 2018 is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

This is The Barrows Firm Law Review, a monthly Internet radio show podcast featuring information about Texas family law and events that affect families and the community of attorneys and professionals who serve them. Today we are focused on spreading the word about child abuse and neglect awareness.


Public Awareness in Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Would you know how to spot and react to child abuse and neglect?
    • Texas Mandatory Reporting Law: Who has a legal duty to report?
    • How would you know what to look for, physical marks, behavior?
    • Responding to a child telling you about abuse and neglectful situations.
  • Sharing a message and educating the public about child abuse and neglect
    • Developing an effective message to communicate in your own network.
    • Neglect is also abuse but it does not always leave a mark you can see.
    • Social media tools to remind people to prevent abuse and neglect.
  • Creating community support and partnerships to prevent child abuse and neglect
    • Finding already established support groups in your community.
    • Pre-designed programs for use by community-based organizations.
    • Is the message one of help and assistance or reporting and discipline?
  • Online tools you can use to increase awareness and prevent child abuse and neglect

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