Adoptions Attorney Leslie Barrows
From There to Here… 

Eight years ago, I was working out of my house, primarily handling traffic tickets.

Today, I operate a full-service law firm in downtown Fort Worth with a 6-member staff that includes four attorneys and two paralegals.

The road from there to here was bumpy at times. Juggling a legal career and a family – including a husband and three young boys (yes, I said three) – is not always rainbows and roses.

But I worked hard, took chances and figured out what I wanted, sometimes by realizing what I didn’t.

Over the years, I have worked by myself, at a law firm, and shared an office building with a group of women attorneys. At the last place, my associate attorney and I actually shared a desk.

Not exactly ideal.

For years, I have had my eye on a charming white office on Belknap Street in downtown Fort Worth, which was walking distance from the three courthouses where I spend much of my time. In 2013, I called the landlord and he offered me a good deal.

I was in – and there was plenty of room to grow.

500-e-belknap-fort-worth-texasRecently, I brought another paralegal and two more attorneys  – Sherry Armstong and Drew Kaldenbach – on board.

Everyone gets along. Everyone is excited to come to work every day.

We are all at the right place at the right time.

We are a firm – The Barrows Firm – but already it feels like more. It feels like family.

 –Leslie Starr Barrows