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Texas child support and custody modification 

Texas child support and custody modification

The Barrows Firm Law Review is a monthly Internet radio show podcast featuring information about Texas family, criminal, juvenile, probate and estate planning law and events. Attorney Leslie Barrows is our featured host as she shares insight and information about popular areas of the law affecting many families in Texas. In this episode, Leslie walks us through common issues in Texas child support and custody modification.

Popular family law modification topics covered in this podcast interview:

  • What leads to child support modification and how complex is the process?
  • Why change the nature of the parenting relationship, custody and visitation rights?
  • Under what circumstances can you modify temporary or permanent spousal support?
  • What are the best steps to proving the obligor has changed income if they withhold payroll and bank records?
  • How do you pursue modification suits to avoid hostility among the parties?
  • Why are modification suits as or more complex than the original court action?
  • What happens if you don’t like your judge and or when you want to appeal a decision?

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Leslie Barrows is the principal founder of The Barrows Firm in Fort Worth, Texas. In her firm’s main practice areas of family law, criminal defense and juvenile law, Leslie is consistently challenged with dynamic cases and clients. When winning is what matters, many in the Fort Worth area go to The Barrows Firm based on their reputation an winning track record over the past decade. Leslie Barrows earned her undergraduate degree from Sam Houston State University and she earned her law degree from the Oklahoma City University School of Law. She is a member of numerous organizations primarily focused in Tarrant County. To speak to Leslie Barrows please call (817) 481-1583.