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Criminal defense attorneys are the defenders of the constitution and people’s rights. We, as criminal defense attorneys, are the balance in the system. We are the ones who say, “Look government, there are boundaries here. You can’t arrest people for no reason. You can’t bust into our homes in the middle of the night and search through our stuff. You have to act within the boundaries of the law, just like you are asking the public and the people accused of committing crimes to act within the boundaries of the law.”

Southlake Criminal Defense Attorney Leslie Barrows makes sure that happens.

The first time that you feel like, “I think I need to talk to somebody about this,” you need to speak up.  You need to vocalize it, and you need to say it.  It is really important to make sure that you seek out an attorney as soon as you get an inkling that you need to talk to somebody.  You may feel this way during interaction with police and say, “I want an attorney present” or you may feel this way at some point thereafter.

Either way, you need to get into our office as quickly as possible.  That’s how we can deal with and prevent problems early.  That gives you the best chance of success.  The earlier we can get in, the better we can handle things.

Surprises are very bad.  When you come into our Southlake Criminal Defense office, we want to know what the problem is from your point of view.  But we also need to know what the other side says happened.  We want to get, from you, both sides of the story.  Remember, everything that you tell us is confidential.  We need to know, honestly, what happened so that we can be best prepared to deal with the situation. Contact our Southlake Criminal Defense Attorney Leslie Barrows from our contact form.

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